July 02, 2003

Ghost Photo Art on July 4th

This Friday, July 4th, according to the latest Phoenix New Times, we have some wonderful artistic opportunities, at eye lounge and Modified Arts.

At eye lounge we have three offerings:

segué, a series of photographs by Rebecca Blume. I quote Michelle Laudig: “includes portraits of her boyfriend and her home. Her new focus on personal subject matter stems from her longtime fascination with family photographs.” The picture in the paper shows two hands holding a halved avocado. (When I saw this, I was so moved I had to go make a sandwich.)

OK OK OK by Mike Slack. Polaroid photographs of über-mundanity. Lots of them, probably. Documenting zombie banality. Look for yourself.

Embedded by Linda Lewis. Laudig: “Lewis examines religious freedom with her Embedded series, a collection of altered Bibles embellished with hair, calculator keys and dollar bills to touch upon timely American themes.” She reports, I deride.

At Modified, according to Brendan Joel Kelley (still no new art critic, eh, Mr. Ortega?), there’s Troy Aossey’s “Westward HOme,” photos of the sexta-septa-octa-nona-deca-generian residents of the legendary Phoenix high-rise.

The best part of this article is about baton-twirling Louise: “We have a lot of ghosts here at the Westward Ho, one ghost we call Bingo Mary. Not many people know about her, but with my psychic capabilities I picked up on her real quick.”

Thanks for the segué, Louise.

On July 4th, see Ghost Photo Art, digital photocollages of point-and-click captures of the uncanny by Catherine King, from noon until the fireworks start right across the street from us at Steele Park: Art For Our Times, 625 E. Indian School Road, Second Floor. We don’t know if Bingo Mary will be there, but for the first 100 lucky visitors we have a postcard-sized picture from the beyond. It looks like this:

This is the Beautiful Stranger

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