October 18, 2004

About Our New Banner: The Ghost Photo Reality Gallery

[Updated continually.]

by Catherine King

The Tears of Things has a new banner. We've expanded our banner area to about 240 pixels by 940 pixels to accomodate an online gallery -- Ghost Photo Reality. Inside the roughly 3 inch by 12 inch frame, we will be displaying our own unmanipulated actual size paranormal digital photography. What the viewer will see is not King & du Bois Ghost Photo Art, which consists of collages of digital photographs. For now, we keep that to ourselves. The viewer will see Ghost Photo Reality -- the building blocks, the raw material, if you will, for Ghost Photo Art.

We will include Spirit Photography, as well, but as for the definitions and implications of these wonders and marvels, well, I guess Wonders and Marvels defy definition, and the implications are far too baffling for this post. But there will be further posting and speculating on Ghost Photo Reality, an evolving supernatural exploration available to The Tears of Things readers simply by clicking on the current gallery image.

For those who missed the first Ghost Photo Reality photo, here it is.

The second image is here.

The third image is here.

The fourth image is here.

The fifth image is here.

The sixth image is here.

The seventh image is here.

The eighth image is here.

The ninth image is here.

The tenth image is here.

View image 011.

View image 012.

View image 013.

View image 014.

View image 015.

View image 016.

View image 017.

View image 018.

View image 019.

View image 020/.

View image 021.

View image 022.

View image 023.

View image 024.

View image 025.

View image 026.

The beginning is here, in Crowd of Witnesses.

Roomfull of Phantoms was the next stage in our explorations.

You might also want to peruse Ghost Orbs In Iraq and Arizona, published just over a year ago, on October 9, 2003.

More to come.

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