January 19, 2005

We're Scared

Always keep 'em guessing.
Never let 'em see you coming.

by Jerome du Bois

A little bird --okay, a bald-headed Floridian-- just told me that a lawyer with Jennings, Haug, & Cunningham, named Edward Rubacha, is rumbling about defamation and libel because of our several postings about Glen Lineberry and Lisa Greve.

We, of course, haven't heard a thing. I checked the mail. I checked the email. I checked the phone messages. Nada.

Instead, this lawyer tries to intimidate Franklin Einspruch for his artsfeed. Good luck. I've never met Franklin, but I read his blog. He doesn't intimidate. Neither do we.

If we've written anything libelous or false or defamatory --these are legal terms-- point them out and we'll fix them. But come to us directly. Don't go trying to push other people around. Okay, Mr. Rubacha, Esquire? Jeebus, you're acting just like Glen and Lisa!

By the way, we have for years retained the services of the venerable firm of Solitary, Poore, Nasty, Brutish, and Short. They're in the book -- of Life.

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