January 22, 2005

This Is Why We're Leaving

[For the record. Updated.]

by Jerome du Bois

I just finished reading Hugh Hewitt's book Blog, and now I'm following some of his tips, especially about credibility, trust, and transparency. He showed me that I needed to take care of a tiny-minded twit, "e," who has copped the domain for thetearsofthings.com, plus a geocities site that does a lame-ass job of trying to parody our blog. And two other jerks. [Update: "e" emailed that he/she is not responsible for the geocities site.] (I thought passing over its odium in silence was the best policy. Not so.) "e" has also hassled artblog's Franklin Einspruch in Miami, who also runs artsfeed, a very useful cultural aggregation site, complaining because he linked to us. (You'll be reading Franklin's astute reply.)

Please, go check out those two sites by "e," come back, click back and forth a couple of times, and compare us with them in every way, and remember that when you are looking at them you are looking at a profile of the Phoenix art scene: mean, spiteful, adolescent, and unimaginative. This "e" twit (he or she) pretends to be me, calls my wife a "ho," it signs my name, misspelled of course, and it posts our email address. Is that legal? I'd be interested in any legal advice from a knowledgeable reader.

I have other evidence than that stupid site, of course, to call some Phoenix artists and arts supporters those epithets. Again following Hugh Hewitt's advice, I policed my environment, walked the perimeter, and, oh, boy, I really did want to go away without another word, and we are gone from the Phoenix art scene, but before we close the door I'm going to do my best to show you the true asafoetida in "e," herbertstanley, and Ian Wender. These people are stupid, selfish, heartless and shallow. You will read every one of their words, and decide for yourselves.

Nobody disrespects my wife.

I first knew of "e" when it (he or she) sent me an email on Monday morning, January 17:

Subject: i am sure you get at least one like this every day

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 12:23:21 -0700

it is interesting that you feel the whole world is against you and you somehow feel your silly little blog gives you some sort of power over the phoenix art scene. what a waste of time and effort. i think you should know most people read your blog mostly for the ridiculous and humorous aspect of it all. it is sad that saying bad things about people makes you feel so good. and as far as poor catherine and her "disorder" - don't dish out shit if you can't take shit back.

btw a good webmaster always buys the .com over .net

Right here is when I decided I had had enough of my wife being verbally abused by anonymous cowards, so later that afternoon I posted We're Done.

Two days later Catherine decided she wasn't going to let those two people, Lineberry and Greve, get away with it all, and wrote some more about our fiasco with them.

After that Franklin Einspruch, a mensch, emailed me a heads-up about a lawyer sniffing around. This is what the lawyer wrote to Franklin:

On Jan 19, 2005, at 4:06 PM, Ed Rubacha wrote:

Dear Mr. Einspruch,

A Jerome DuBois
[can't anyone spell my name correctly?] and Catherine King are using Artsfeed.com to wage a personal battle against two fine people here in Phoenix, Arizona. I don't know what your posting requirements are but what these people have posted goes way beyond constructive/art criticism. The postings are defamatory and libelous. They are under a title "The Tears of Things."

Please review and, if you exercise editorial discretion, I am sure you will see that what they have posted has no value to the arts but, instead, they are using your site as another forum to libel these two fine people.

Thank you.

Ed Rubacha

I won't post all of Franklin's reply, though it is a model of clarity (the guy can write like a bell rings); just this part:

I am unclear about whether you have written me as a personal acquaintance of Glen Lineberry and Lisa Greve who would like to defend them, or whether they have retained your services as an attorney with Jennings, Haug & Cunningham regarding DuBois' and King's recent writings about them.

You see, as far as I know, "Ed" didn't identify himself as an attorney to Franklin. It looks like Franklin did some homework for me. As I said, he's a mensch.

Anyway, I posted about that. Later the same day, here comes the twit again:

Subject: !

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 19:36:21 -0700

i don't know edward, but i must say, i like the first letter of his name, for sure! thanks for the reference, maybe i will give him a call since i have now been publicly threatened.

you said you were done, ponytail boy. i should have known you could not keep your pie hole shut. keep writing though, it is so very entertaining for the rest of us.

oh and one more thing: i guess your misogynistic ant-like point of view would only allow you to assume i am a man or even a single person, for that matter.

wherever you see an e, think of us

i see you are enjoying the .com website! our site meter is off the charts!

love to you,


That was three days ago, before my posting about Catherine's past --"The Dolorous Passion of American Woman"-- at 5:30 PM on January 21st. We haven't heard from "e" since the 19th, but poor Franklin has. He emailed us on the morning of the 21st with an email-string between he and "e," and the exasperated opening line:

Boy, you guys have some real winners out there in Phoenix.

Here's how it went:

On Jan 20, 2005, at 9:34 PM, e wrote:

do ever read the garbage these people put on their tearsofthings.net site? nothing but nasty personal attacks, nothing objective or constructive. i am surprised to see that you link to it. they seem to think the whole world is against them - strange and sad.



On Jan 20, 2005, at 7:45 PM, Franklin Einspruch wrote:

I know them only a little, but I will say this for them -

When they have something to say, they sign their real names to it.



On Jan 20, 2005, at 10:12 PM, e wrote:

believe me i support free speech but i think there is a much more constructive use of blogs out there. what i really don't understand is that catherine seems to have a problem with stress and criticism but they continue to poke people then complain in a very ugly manner when people poke back. i sent them a non threatening email (www.tearsofthings.com) pointing this out to them all all i got back was a threat against my personal being - as they do all the time - and you wonder why i remain anonymous?

look, it is entirely up to you who and what you post. i just wanted to say a friendly hey - please take a look at what these people are about.

anyone is within their rights to create blogs to spew their hate. as individuals in the web community we have the choice not to support them.

thanks for listening and not threatening my life about it.


And Franklin's final reply:


Actually, yes, I do wonder why you remain anonymous. They characterize the Phoenix art community as cowardly, and your anonymity proves them right. People have threatened me with bodily harm because of my writing -- and I continue to use my real name.

I had a look at your e-mail to them. You call their blog "silly" and "a waste of time and effort." You say that "most people" read their blog for its humor and ridiculousness -- as if you know "most people." You use profanity to imply that Catherine had her woes coming to her. You insult their abilities as webmasters, without considering that they may have wanted the .net address.

You characterize this as "non-threatening"?

You then close with "om mani padme hum," which, as a 17-year practitioner of Zen Buddhism, I don't appreciate. Let's try to reserve that for messages that don't have the word "shit" in them, all right?

I find value in the brutal rendition they give of the Phoenix art scene, and their writings on the great variety of other topics they have tackled as well. If you disagree with their take to the extent that your feel inclined to contact me about it, I recommend you start a blog of your own. Until then, I have to tell you that your e-mails seem to justify their impatience.


It is now about 3 PM on January 22nd. Nothing more from "e." RIP, twee.

This morning I checked out artlink, and that's where I found two people discussing us, herbertstanley and Ian Wender. I will quote both in full, fisking each in his turn. I must say I am continually amazed at what people will put into writing in public, knowing full well (or maybe not? could they be that stupid?) that intelligent people now have the power to examine many sides of every issue.

Actually, before mr.stanley wrote the posting below, on January 20th he went on a moribund thread on artlink to castigate a local artist, Jason Nye, for thinking that it was interesting that I thought he, Nye, should start a blog. herbertstanley did not want Jason Nye to think any good thing about us. Start a blog, Jason; start filling the void. We're leaving Phoenix art -- and all art writing -- behind us.

On the cusp of January 20th/21st, not long after midnight, herbertstanley apparently started this thread, out of the blue. I've never heard of the guy:

I saw smoke and mirrors, a lot of mirrors, on the tears of things website. Wow, man, I think I am stoned, how cool. Jerry dey blah blah has given the Phoenix art scene another farewell tour, kinda like Cher with the Village People. "This time I mean it! They're picking on me; I am taking my ball and going home to cry on my mom's lap (blog). We don't have any friends, nah, nah, waaa, waaa." What a big baby. Just go shopping, I am sure neiman marcus has something to soothe dear Cathy's frazzled little nerves.

It's that wonderfullly sensitive line:

dear Cathy's frazzled little nerves.

Men can be the lowest, and herbertstanley is knuckle-dragging with the most primitive brutes among them. I predict that if he ever reads about American Woman he will shed not a single tear; he will laugh. I pity any woman in his life -- if he isn't gay, that is. Hell, I pity his partner, whoever. And the Governor, and Greg Esser, and Phil Jones, and Marie Navarre, and anyone supporting the downtown scene --hey, here's your poster boy; one of them. I've got another one coming up that is even more representative. Luckily for me, he likes to write and write, shoving his foot ever deeper into his mouth.

A little over twelve hours after mr.stanley posted, another local artist, Ian Wender added to the thread. At least he posted this on artlink. I'm going to fisk this turkey with a filet knife as I go along; he doesn't deserve to be quoted twice:

Catherine and Jerome live in the Blogisphere, [sic] not the real world.

No, we live in the real world. We love the world. From it, we draw beauty, truth, and strength, and we fight evil. We are semi-retired. I have been working since I was nine years old. I have earned my present time in this world, however I want to spend it. And you can read some of Catherine's story if you wish, for more harsh truth.

It’s easy to sit behind a CRT (or high end Flat display) and take pot shots at the downtown art scene and the real estate it encompasses.

But it's difficult to sit behind a CRT and take actual pictures of the real estate it encompasses. Which is why we got in our car on at least three different occasions, went downtown --Roosevelt Row plus Grand too-- got out of our car, walked around in public with our camera in front of everybody, took lots of pictures, posted them, wrote about them, emailed city officials about them, and got no replies from anybody except venom from a dingleberry like you, broomhandler! (I'll be splainin the broom.)

Blogs have no editors, no fact checkers and unlike real intellectual writing, no peer review.

Where's Dan Rather? Teacher! Teacher! Jerome flipped the bird! Where's the authorities? Somebody --anybody-- shut these people up! Who, me? I can't do it! I'm too busy sitting in my shithole, too stupid to move, while the graffitists deface the walls once again, and the tweakers and drunks litter my stinky world daily.

I have, on repeated occasions, invited them down to grab a broom, a paintbrush or anything else and get involved. Come down this evening and help me cover the Resist Lofts Tags that appeared last night on my home…. I’ll be there paint brush in hand cleaning while you sit on your throne of self appointed ascension.

Most readers, of course, being sensible people, would never retain the email history I have with this human, whom I have never met and, Dog willing, never will. This is a man who, early in our stinky email correspondence, implied that, if we had been attacked, perhaps we had it coming to us.

And then invited us to come on down.

Take a pause, reader. Think. Ask yourself: Would I go? Okay, take a drink, there's plenty more, this guy's got logorrhea.

They accuse me of setting them up for an embarrassing attack from people I don’t even know.

That's right, we do; he doesn't have to know them to let people he does know know, who will let our enemies know. It's a tight network down there when it comes to us. We've learned that.

They lambaste the work of the young artists who have every right in the world to do what ever they want . . . when else in life will they get the chance??? And thank God they have the freedom to do it.

The young artists (Wender is 40, by the way) definitely have every right et cetera. But so do we to lambaste them, with their stupid short pants on if necessary. Wender whines as most of them have since we started this artblog twenty months ago: You must not criticize, you must only praise. Our professors promised us!

But most of these artists, young and old, just don't have the chops. Life is serious, and that turkey Scott Sanders has big amateurish paintings of clowns (self-portraits?) hanging in our Borders store! Aarrgghh!!

I invited them to my studio, at their convenience; in private so they could perhaps meet me and see my work BEFORE lashing out me [sic: getting emotional, are we, Ian? deep breath] . . . They rudely decline.

How dare we! The fookin' nerve! I've looked at this turkey's pathetic website. I am not at all interested in any way in intersecting his life with ours -- nothing. I hate this jerk! And he gets all up on us because we want nothing to do with someone who has never offered us a word of support or encouragement, who wouldn't mind if someone made us bleed, only come on down and see my work, me, Ian Ian Ian!

For people who profess to know so much, they sure filter the input they receive. The obvious arrogance in their writing and repeated foul language undermines any intellectual credibility they pretend to have and as such, their writing is more entertaining then informative.

We filter the input, all right. This is more of the whining we have gotten from the beginning of this blog. It's hard to believe the spoiled entitlement thinking that has been taught to all of these twits. These people think we should post their most venomous criticisms of us on our blog, let them say any puke they want, and we have to take it.

Readers, please try to wrap your minds around the kind of people who want to come into your living room and shit repeatedly on the floor, and then yell at you when you complain. No way -- this ain't England. Nobody gets in; nobody abuses us in any way. We take out all the garbage.

Do I read it??? You bet. It’s like a fun tabloid with the stars being mostly people I know, or have heard of…by the way….Bentley Projects is going to get a donation from me, all be it small, a donation none the less. Just because Jerome and Catherine currently hate them…..

Given that Glen Lineberry simultaneously bought the block and closed down the internet art concierge alittlemorered (how big a nut could that be?), maybe he needs the money.

Hey Catherine…It is about your Photographs….they are remarkably un remarkable. Perhaps an Intro to Digital photography class at a local community college will help you to put it all into perspective.

We'll be right down, Mr. Kindness.

Some ask why I would even care about these two…well at first I didn’t, I found them amusing at best. But I got seriously tired of them attacking what so many of us are working so hard to build. Good sound criticism is perhaps the most helpful and constructive input an Artist (or Arts District) can get. The hateful and envious poison they spew helps no one at all. What do you want us to do Jerome….you keep pointing out why the art scene sucks, but I never see you pulling a chair up to the table to offer any helpful suggestions….

That's because you're stupid, Ian Wender, and you just stepped into it. I pulled up a chair to the table at Wayne Rainey's gig in May 2002, ready to take this city into the 21st Century. Everybody else wanted to write tiny little articles about themselves or their favorite directors or artists or authors, like they were still in college. Nobody listened to what I said -- that we need to recover the fire of imagination -- as I have written elsewhere.

As readers will know by the end of your email, you make no mention of The Collective I, which has nothing to do with your or me and everything to do with celebrating the unbounded human spirit. It is a tell, believe me, Ian Wender, that neither you nor the appropriately lowercase herbertstanley, nor "e," nor anyone else since I posted about it, has mentioned this project. It was a gift that went way beyond a tiny downtown arts district, and reached out to the farthest corners of this state, and even the world. Its message is that everybody counts, everybody with a heart, everybody with a special message. Nobody said nothing, including you.

or pushing the aforementioned broom.

I'm pushing a five-million dolllar video extravaganza that would put Arizona on the map, celebrating the incredible human mind, and you --you're pushing a broom.

There are six billion people ahead of me in line for that broom, if you're waiting for me. At the head of the line should be Wayne [nonOrchid] Rainey. Hand the broom to him first: he's your landlord. He's the guy who said he wanted to build a city and build it right. Behind him, if Rayskew is busy bullshitting, there's always Greg Esser, and Phil Jones, and Marie Navarre, and anybody working with arts in the city. But not me, wanker. Never. You can shove that broom.

Perhaps the Du Bois Foundation could pony up some cash to support the arts. I doubt it.

Stupid again. The Ernest Blois du Bois Foundation, created by my father, Alan van Fleet du Bois, dispenses small but renewable grants, solely for college education at the three major Arizona universities. They don't have anything to do with art, never have, and two minutes of internet research would have enlightened Mr. Wender. But I guess he has sweeping to do.

That would involve getting your hands dirty by getting on the ground and doing some work…

You'd like that, wouldn't you, creep? Grubbing around Holga's like the rest of you losers, instead of enjoying my life, loving my wife, eating well, reading seriously, and stepping up to the future with our blog?

that is never in keeping with the perpetual victim mentality you have.

We are not victims, fool. We're warriors. And nobody's got any handles on us.

Get over it, get involved or get the hall out of the way….we have art to do. Ian Wender #11 Holgas

And what art it is! Readers, please remember that Ian Wender didn't even have the cojones to email this to us directly. It was posted on artlink. I had to search for it during my new pest control duty.

For all those who support the arts in Phoenix, here are three exemplars for you. Good luck.

[Update: in his/her last email, "e" apologized.]

[Update: at the end of his/her last email, "e" wrote, "you seem to have found a love for one another most envy." That's true, and some people's envy leads to rage. Too bad. We are one.]

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