May 13, 2006


by Catherine King

It appears that I'm going to be doing The Tears of Things blogging for a while. The Tears of Things-- how well named our blog is.

We are so damn serious. Jerome has written some really funny pieces now and then, but sadly, I don't have much of a sense of humor. As I indicated in Introducing the House of Not For Sale: Three Flags, I've been pretty much on the verge of Catastrophe Mode (or Code Red, take your choice) since I was a kid. It's not easy going through life lugging a sense of impending doom around everywhere.

I must resist the tendency to fall in love with Sadness. But I'm not the only one who struggles with that, am I? For example; are there not others who are deeply moved when looking at my little friend Hard Times? I met this woefull creature only once, yet he tore my heart into little pieces. I'm very much afraid Hard Times is with us no more. I just hope he didn't suffer too much in the end.

These are the kinds of things I think about all the time. It weighs on me so. Nothing you see or read here is frivolous. Not the flowers-- see UNHEALED, TOO. Not even the fashion, for as Jerome told you in Three Years On, Still Going Strong:

"...we two, who should be dead by now, and who know that every moment in this broken world is precious, will continue to develop our high style of substance. What is fashion to us? Glamourous armor."

And where has Jerome taken his inimitable style these days, and why are you hearing from the long-silent mysterious me?

At the present, Jerome is concentrating on La Pionera and the New Mango (see the sidebar) exclusively. He feels that The Tears of Things has brought us nothing but pain. Regretfully, I've had a lot to do with that perception. I've been unable to "just roll" with things. Reading Phase Why: The Making of Crazy Quilt' II, you can see that I definitely tend to get overwrought, working so hard on my projects.

I had to agree with Jerome about the pain thing, but when I evaluated my priorities and options with an open mind, I determined that I must continue just as I have been, with the art and the writing and the projects, and all. As I confessed in Phase Why:

"To show my anger at the world for mocking all my efforts, I tried to do nothing. But that was by far the worst of all."

You see, my hands are the prototype for Kiku Ybarra's hands (of The New Mango)...hands that won't stop moving, even when she's asleep. I can't stop doing these things, even if that makes me the biggest chump in the world.

But though I feel compelled to set these tremendous tasks for myself, I always finish them, nonetheless. Remember Roomfull of Phantoms:

"I knew that no matter what might happen in the near future (here I hoped that nothing horribly, earth-shatteringly bad would), nothing was going to prevent me from finishing Roomfull of Phantoms." And I did.

Just as I finished the Crazy Quilt'.

And The Psychedelic Leprechaun.

And now I'm working on my Sugar-Frosted Half-Jacket and it's coming along very well, if I do say so myself. Here are front and back views, photographed just yesterday.

Observant news watchers will have noticed that they just keep on pinkin', no matter how much Jerome and I complain, so in order to protest constructively, I am working on PINKLANDIA, which, when finished, will expunge the insipid Pink Plague once and for all (please, praise Goddess).

Let's see, what else am I working on? Well, with all of these parrot photographs, I figured I could make a couple of digital photocollages. I'll call them The Birds Looked At Me As If I Were Living In A Cage and Tree with Birds and Bells.

Of course I help Jerome with La Pionera and the New Mango. The Beauty Shop scene, which you'll be reading soon, is one that I've written all myself. It was so much fun and I'm really proud of it. It's my little HairStory.

But enough with the fun. I've entered the world of Spirit Photography again. Besides regular postings of daily captures, I will soon be bringing you another couple of digital photocollages-- The Tree of Everlasting Life and The Goodbye Quilt.

So goodbye, for now.

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