September 08, 2006

The Path To 9/11

(Twin Towers photo by Peter O'Malley)

by Jerome du Bois

You're looking at the path to 9/11. You don't need to see the movie, though we highly recommend it, and we'll be watching it for sure. But it was the Koran itself which led to that tragic day. All the motivation for those killers is in that evil book.

A book put together by the followers of an illiterate evil bastard named Muhammad. When Robert Spencer's biography comes out in about a month, people will see how that so-called prophet will be condemned by his own words, and the words of his commentators. Spencer's book is based entirely on the Koran and the hadith on Muhammad's misbegotten life. Nothing else, but that's all you need. Here is an advance review of Spencer's book. And here is the Muhammad image archive, which includes the cartoons which make so many Muslims murderously angry.

And I've reposted our I Slam Islam sidebar for the occasion.

[Update 9/9/06: Sympathetic readers will find Fjordman's latest excellent essay instructive and helpful: Why We Cannot Rely On Moderate Muslims.]

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