January 27, 2009


by Catherine King

Art for Our Times is returning for a limited engagement. What is Art for Our Times? It's our physical gallery-- real yellow bricks behind the clicks. We call it Art for Our Times because we channel the peculiar energy and angst of our place and time. It's about being of the American West in the dawn of the Twentyfirst Century.

Jerome and I closed our first gallery about five years ago, soon after we began this website. That was another day and age, and I know many things have changed for all of us since then. And now we thought we'd try the gallery-thing again, on a limited basis, for a limited time. While all the art is available, the offer must be considered reasonable. Nothing like "$99 OR LESS" will be found here.

If you are a serious art collector, you are personally invited to see the 2009 version of Art for Our Times presented by King and du Bois. You can actually set up an appointment (beginning sometime around the second week in February) and come on over and examine this art into which we pour so much heart and soul, much of which you can preview on our sidebar.

Jerome and I will be here to personally show you, talk with you, explain to you, and hopefully set up payment schedules. Visit The Tears of Things soon to get more information on when and how and just exactly what you will find when you get here. Then you can e-mail us with your appointment request so that we can begin the scheduling process. Our email address is dubois.jerome5@gmail.com.

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