February 17, 2009

As Tears Go Bye-Bye

by Jerome du Bois and Catherine King

This is the last posting by The Tears of Things. We'll leave the blog up for a few weeks, but we're done writing on it, and we're done trying to promote our art in this medium. Our recent gallery experiment has gone nowhere, and our readership has dropped dramatically. Soon enough, the blog will be gone. So be it.

We have other things to do with our lives. It may be the evening of our day, but it's still a long time until nightfall. We have neither the time nor the inclination to draw attention to the depredations of local cultural promoters. These people, who are both feral and infantile, will continue to energetically drive the culture in a swirling spiral down the drain of tawdriness.

Maybe change is just over the horizon --the return of an image of humanity which respects and honors humanity. But we're not waiting for it. So, goodbye.

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