September 16, 2012

Behind The Veil of Tears

by Catherine King

If it seems like Jerome and I haven't been writing and posting much lately, it isn't just because we're busy with the daily grind. No, there's so much more going on than can be seen on the surface, on the Tears of Things for all the world to see. I felt I needed to give you a peek behind the blog, a glimpse of some of the really difficult writing and subject matter that is under wraps at the moment.

A few months ago, when we got The Tears of Things back up again, I was inspired to do an investigative piece about "the ubiquitous mainstreaming of the Cult of Death in Phoenix." OK, S#nt& m@#rt$. But I've got enough problems without being flayed, alive. So, put that one on the back burner.

And then a few weeks ago, with the anniversary of 9/11 approaching, seeing as we could get into our blog again, of course we were going to recognize the 11th anniversary. I started on the artwork you can see in the banner above, and Jerome started on an update of an earlier piece:

This annotated digest is an update to a link-rich piece I posted on September 25, 2006, called I Slam Islam. That list of titles points to twenty-five articles we've written about Islam since December 17, 2003. I've grouped some of those earlier articles into categories, and followed up on some of the subjects involved. What I found duplicated my earlier examples almost exactly; I present them unleavened by mercy or tolerance; and I observe that the behavior, and the public statements, of these people are unchanged. Islamofascists --who are Islam, in its essence-- press forward on all fronts with but one grim steely frown among them.

In the midst of our relentlessly driving itineraries, Jerome showed me his finished posting late in the evening on September 10, 2012. But somehow, I just couldn't give the OK to publish.

We both take our obligation to evangelize as Catholics very seriously. But how to manage the balance between witnessing and surviving?

Various writers who we admire because of the way they dare to speak the truth, speak the truth while they have a lot more protection than we do. And besides the Catholic imperative to evangelize, there's the exercise and the upholding of the First Amendment. Which, seriously, is threatened at this very moment, right here and all over the USA.

Look at what Eric Holder does, and then remember how he tried to chastise all of us Americans, saying we were a nation of cowards for not discussing race. See how he has this American filmmaker intimidated, for bashing Islam. Oh, and he's the very same U S Attorney General who let these indefensible thugs walk away as free as pretty little songbirds.

When you are not hooked up, life is a lot grittier. By that I mean it's a lot more dangerous. I'm also 100% positive, that when a writer is on someone else's dime, such as Julie Peterson and Stephen Lemons being at the beck and call of Michael Lacey and Rick Barrs, there's not the same level of personal risk, in terms of safety and reputation, as if one were hanging out there by oneself on the far side of yonder.

And this is what we try to reconcile with our obligation to evangelize as Roman Catholics.

What issues do YOU struggle with as an cultural/political writer? We'd love to know. Since our comments have been down since 2006, please let us know by email:

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