October 08, 2012

"Great Minds . . ." (New Series)

by The Tears of Things

You know those irritating little pieces of pop culture that get stuck in your mind like the worst song on the sound track at Goodwill? And sometimes it's something that you see, and you know you've seen it somewhere else before. It's not great art or design, it's not memorable, but there it is sticking in your mind because you've seen its doppledanger someplace before.

"So why do 'creative' people need to copy each other?" And, "Why do cultural institutions and venues pretend that copying is creativity?" You'll have to figure out those questions for yourself. We're just putting forward images of the artists' pieces and letting them speak for themselves (especially since we don't seem to be getting honest answers from the artists, the venues and the institutions.)

In case you missed the first installation of "Great Minds...", may we present again, Colton Brock and his soulmate Laura Spaulding.

Now here's Rebecca Green, another BIG BRAIN:


And here's someone named Paola Zakimi:


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