September 27, 2006

After Jasper Diver Johns

After Jasper Diver Johns: A Maquette. 2006. Digital Net Art © Jerome du Bois

A confection of Johnsian images, inspired by but diverging from this Diver.

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September 26, 2006

A Cleansing

by Jerome du Bois

It happened while I was in the middle of reading Lee Smolin's new book The Trouble With Physics, as I was struggling through the history of string theory, as I was trying to wrap my brain around branes, supersymmetry, and Maldacena's conjecture about the correspondence between string theory and gauge theory: I felt good. In fact, I felt great. It was exhilarating to follow along as real thinkers engaged the challenging conundrums presented by the real world. And I suddenly became aware that the cloud of depression that had been hanging over me for months had, if not departed, at least parted.

What was the source of that cloud? Islam, of course. On the news, it's all Islam, all the time. We are surrounded and overwhelmed by the relentless picking picking picking away at our lives by this antihuman ideology. Every day it's something. Rumors of bin Laden's death set off a two-day running rumination of speculation, complete with incessant reruns of old video loops of that bastard in a morning-to-evening blanket of face-time that any publicity hound would swoon over.

And every day, for years, I've been dutifully checking in with Robert Spencer, and Charles Johnson, and the Counterterrorism Blog, and a bunch of other sites, to see the latest depredations this hateful religion has committed against human dignity and freedom. Against the very fact of our humanity.

It's taken its toll.

For months and months I felt a bubbling anger underneath every ordinary moment, a sense of frustrating foreboding every time I turned on the television or went online, a gnawing away at every blessing in my life. Which is just what these Muslims want.

While reading Smolin's book, I imagined a roomful of physicists arguing the arcana of extra dimensions, debating the reality of the cosmological constant, speculating on whether the Large Hadron Collider at CERN will detect the elusive Higgs boson --and then a militant Muslim-- say, Ibrahim Hooper-- steps into the room. What would he have to offer? How could he advance the conversation? What could he even say? Only one thing: the answer is Allah. Forget everything else and get on your knees.

Of course. That's all they all have to offer: the worship of the ultimate infantile fascist, a self-centered bloody baby who thinks it's all about him, him, him.

Well, I'm done with all that for awhile. I'm not about to stick my head in the sand, and if any jihadist shows up at my door I'll send him straight to hell, but I'm done paying minute attention to these shitheads. (Notice how the sidebar is now absent the I Slam Islam section, and the one about Mexican illegals and OTMs, too.) So Muslims can go suck rocks, the Koran can swirl in the toilet, and Allah can eat my shorts. I have a wife to love (and photograph), books to read, art to make, meals to cook, stories to write, a life to enjoy.

I'm already two-thirds of the way through Ron Rosenbaum's astounding new book, The Shakespeare Wars, the reading of which is like being repeatedly struck by lightning. My mind is abuzz with ideas of my own. Then I've peeked at Rupert Sheldrake's The Sense of Being Stared At, which claims some of the paranormal is normal, and based on evolution. Fascinating. Plus there's a new Harry Bosch novel out. Woo-hoo! I just finished a new piece of digital art, which I'll put up tomorrow.

You see, life is good.

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September 25, 2006

September 23, 2006


EVERYVERBEVERREVERBERATES II. 2006. Digital Net Word Art © Jerome du Bois

Language is a living thing.

Here is a larger version.

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September 20, 2006


Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.
--Yousuf Karsh

by Jerome du Bois

Yesterday, the Washington Post published an article about the latest CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) hate crime report (hat tip: lgf). Little Green Footballs points to a post by Michael Wade at A Second Hand Conjecture which questions the veracity of some of CAIR's claims. That post led me to Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha and their investigation of last year's CAIR report. Based on what I already knew about CAIR, I wasn't surprised to find that their reports are riddled with distortions, exaggerations, and outright lies.

But all this reading reminded me of something that supposedly happened right here in the Valley of the Sun, reported by Bushra Khan, Office Manager of CAIR Arizona.

You can read about it here, as dutifully and uncritically posted on the Arizona Republic's pluggedin "blog."

When I first read this, I believed it, and regretted that the "middle-aged couple" gave these local Muslims more discrimination ammunition. CAIR picks nits to make the most obsessive-compulsive whiner you ever met green with envy, and this incident was a lot worse than picking nits. Perhaps I believed it because Catherine and I have been victims of assault; we know how vicious some people in this town can be.

But now, after my recent reading and my knowledge of CAIR, I doubt that it happened at all. And I'm not the first; in fact, I'm late to this party: both Daniel Pipes and the website Anti-CAIR posted their doubts as well. And Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, followed up by calling both the police and mall security, including the officer on duty in the mall that day. It's worth reading what he discovered.

After examining CAIR Arizona's website in detail (I won't link it; just google "cair arizona" to find it), I have some speculations about what went on here, which readers are of course free to take with as many grains of tabbouleh as they wish.

(Aside: CAIR Arizona must know that many non-Muslims doubt their veracity, and that by now many more than four percent of Americans have done research on Islam and its practices, including taqiyya, which is lying for the greater good of their faith. If they want people to think they're on the up-and-up, they should have a disclaimer at the top of their website declaring that they repudiate this practice. Of course, that could be an example of taqiyya itself, couldn't it? O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. I guess they have to live with it.)

1. Bushra Khan and her crew wanted to draw negative attention to the movie United 93, but not by directly attacking the movie, which shows homegrown American heroism in action.

2. They had to have known, over the past several years, of the deceitful practices of their own nationwide organization, in which false reports were believed; and, even when exposed later as false, were already embedded in the public mind as true. They had ample precedent, and implicit endorsement, for prevarication.

3. On CAIR Arizona's website, you find only three incidents of anti-Muslim activity, including this "mall assault." I think they felt this just wasn't enough; they weren't holding up their end as professional victims; what would the other 31 CAIR locations think of them?

4. So they made this whole thing up. It never happened.

And, by the way, what happened to this woman at the hands of CAIR's national vice-chairman, Dr. Ahmad Al-Akhras, was a lot worse than Bushra Khan's fiction. You think anyone at CAIR, from any of their offices, would ever apologize for what this sonofabitch did? Dream on.

These CAIRacters have no character. And it shows.

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September 17, 2006

Humps of Islam

Jihad Is Hump Of Islam

by Jerome du Bois

I learned police slang from reading detective novels. In this lexicon, hump means ass, both anatomically and socially, as in "I busted my hump trying to figure out if this Muslim hump knew what his sign said." Who knows if he knows English? After all, millions of Muslims don't know Arabic, the language of the Koran, but they have to sound it out anyway, as do all those poor little bookmonkeys rocking in Pakistani madrassas. Islam is not about understanding, it's about obedience and submission. Maybe somebody just handed this hump the sign and told him to hold it up for the cameras. Maybe for all he knew the sign said, "The man under this sign is a mindless human robot." Which he is.

But what about the hump who wrote the sign? Could it be a misspelling? Let's go through the alphabet and see: bump, dump, gump, hump, jump, lump, mump, pump, rump, sump. Well, hell. None of them make sense.

Maybe it means that jihad is the camel's hump of Islam. According to the Camell Expedition:

The camel's hump is made up of a white soft fat supported by fibrous tissue. A camel's condition can be determined by its hump; a fat camel's hump will be large and extend down the sides of its body whereas in a lean camel, where the camel has drawn on its hump's resources for sustenance, the hump size will be depleted and will tend to droop over to one side.

The camel does not store water in its hump as is popularly believed, rather it is a source of energy in lean times. It is now held that the metabolic process that would be required to convert the fatty tissue into water would require more water in the process than it would produce.

Now we're getting somewhere. Islam certainly draws its sustenance from jihad, as Judaism draws its sustenance from knowledge of God, and Christianity draws its sustenance from love, and others draw their sustenance from reason. Jihad supposedly means "striving in the way of God":

This striving can take a number of forms, including the daily inner struggle to be a better person. However, jihad is often used to refer to an armed struggle fought in defense of Islam.

Which defintion of jihad do you suppose the sign-holding Muslim hump above subscribes to? A better person? I think not. As I've written elsewhere, Islam has not had any ameliorating effect on such brutal human practices as slavery, camel jockeys, wife-killing, sister-killing, daughter-killing, and murder of non-Muslims. In fact, it institutionalizes such practices.

Muslim are taught that they're better than all other walks of people on earth, and jihad is for the purpose of making the world Islam. A world of humps.

By the way, the Arabic word for camel is "jamal," which is derived from the word "jamil," meaning beauty. You read that right. In the Arab-Muslim mind, camels and beauty are etymologically related.

Another bad sign.

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September 13, 2006


by Jerome du Bois

The three digital photographs Catherine published for UNHEALED SPIRIT, below, were not the only pictures from that session. There were two others --the first two-- which I'd like to add now. Here's the first, here's the second.

As you can see, they're beautiful and sad, but without the strange effects obvious in the latter three. Now, as I can witness, all five were taken within about seven minutes, all under the same unvarying conditions. There was no sudden cloud cover, or sprinkler, or mysterious fog, or bug invasion, or camera shaking. She did not change any camera settings. The effects were not caused by a low camera battery, or a gamma-ray attack, or some neutrino intrusion.

Catherine conceived this tableau to commemorate our collective loss on September 11, 2001, and our unhealed emotions about that horrible day.

And spirits came. And they are as unhealed as we are.

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September 08, 2006

The Path To 9/11

(Twin Towers photo by Peter O'Malley)

by Jerome du Bois

You're looking at the path to 9/11. You don't need to see the movie, though we highly recommend it, and we'll be watching it for sure. But it was the Koran itself which led to that tragic day. All the motivation for those killers is in that evil book.

A book put together by the followers of an illiterate evil bastard named Muhammad. When Robert Spencer's biography comes out in about a month, people will see how that so-called prophet will be condemned by his own words, and the words of his commentators. Spencer's book is based entirely on the Koran and the hadith on Muhammad's misbegotten life. Nothing else, but that's all you need. Here is an advance review of Spencer's book. And here is the Muhammad image archive, which includes the cartoons which make so many Muslims murderously angry.

And I've reposted our I Slam Islam sidebar for the occasion.

[Update 9/9/06: Sympathetic readers will find Fjordman's latest excellent essay instructive and helpful: Why We Cannot Rely On Moderate Muslims.]

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September 04, 2006

You Can't Say Nothing

Ampersand Jam / You Can't Say Nothing. Collage by Jerome du Bois, 2003.

Suspect All Slogans

by Jerome du Bois

Can words save us? Of course, in the coming war with Islam, the bullets and the bombs, and the brave people who deploy them, will outweigh all the words that precede them. But afterwards the afterwords will reveal that there was nothing but compulsion in that religion.

What do we have in the meantime? We've got an American al Qaeda puppet proclaiming that slavery is freedom, kneeling is standing, submission is dignity, in the all-seeing blindness of bloodlust.

We've got a couple of journalists who refuse to repudiate their forced conversions, and praise the punks who proned them out and seek the death of the West.

We've got a reconquista here in Phoenix who wants to establish "Immigrants Without Borders." Que idiota: in a borderless world, there are no immigrants. But he wants to erase meaning along with the bright line between the law and the lawless.

We've got a popular gallerist here in town who, when I showed her works like the one above, said she wasn't interested because "I don't want to be lectured at." Significance scares her; she takes refuge from truth in trivialities.

Why say anything? Who listens to me anyway? Most of our visitors are bozos who want to read about dead issues we've left behind, but ignore the beauty and truth of Catherine's words and spirit photographs.

Why bother? Because I can't say nothing. Because the richness and depth of words --words with meaning behind them, not empty slogans-- save me. Language distinguishes us from all other species on Earth.

I refuse to be a dumb animal.

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