February 17, 2009

As Tears Go Bye-Bye

by Jerome du Bois and Catherine King

This is the last posting by The Tears of Things. We'll leave the blog up for a few weeks, but we're done writing on it, and we're done trying to promote our art in this medium. Our recent gallery experiment has gone nowhere, and our readership has dropped dramatically. Soon enough, the blog will be gone. So be it.

We have other things to do with our lives. It may be the evening of our day, but it's still a long time until nightfall. We have neither the time nor the inclination to draw attention to the depredations of local cultural promoters. These people, who are both feral and infantile, will continue to energetically drive the culture in a swirling spiral down the drain of tawdriness.

Maybe change is just over the horizon --the return of an image of humanity which respects and honors humanity. But we're not waiting for it. So, goodbye.

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February 11, 2009


by Art for Our Times

Like a lot of people these days, The Tears of Things has run smack into a brick wall. Or maybe more like run out of fuel. Well, no, not that either. We think they just feel that they've said what they had to say, so why repeat it, ad nauseum? After all, the writing on the brick wall has been clear for quite some time. "We like our culture cheap and skanky," it declares. Nyah Nyah Nyah.

Yes, The Tears of Things came out on the losing end, which they freely admitted before they left, being the truth-tellers that they always were and will be. They never denied that life and art are a great struggle for them. No, things haven't been easy for them, but there never was any other way. "At least we had the courage of our convictions," Catherine mumbled over her shoulder as she walked away.

Well, good for them. So while they're off working out their issues (oh, don't pretend that you don't have your issues, as well), they have decided to relinquish this website to their old friends, Art for Our Times. And we at Art for Our Times are standing behind everything they said, so we're going to leave all their heartfelt observations in the archives.

What began as a culture blog six long years and 900 postings ago is now a gallery website. It was a natural and inevitable evolution. Art for Our Times is now the proprietor of this electronic space. In a very short while, visitors will find a new format here. First we'll reintroduce the digital art, and after that the physical pieces that will be exhibited on the actual walls of a very real gallery that you may come to see. It's a risky proposition, but these are treacherous times, are they not?

Stay tuned and hope to see you soon.

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